Using Film Festivals to Empower our Global Community

Its a Collaboration not a Competition

About Us

Our Festival

 The Piton International Film Festival (PIFF), which takes  place on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. Is a 12-month initiative that focuses on celebrating filmmaking, and  seeks to work collaboratively with filmmakers from around  the global community. PIFF is unique in that its focus is  on education, collaboration, and celebration, instead of competition. Hence, filmmakers will be able to work together to inspire and influence the global community in a  positive and uplifting manner. 


Our Mission


The focus of PIFF includes...
• Addressing the various aspects of the billion dollar industry known as filmmaking
• Understanding filmmaking from "in front of the camera to behind the camera" through workshops and seminars
• Assisting independent filmmakers with opportunities to expose and monetize their creative art works
• Celebrating filmmaking in its various forms

PIFF is a family-friendly event that encourages unity within families, giving them an opportunity to watch, discuss, learn, and enjoy from the films together.



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